Sunlit Agro will be relying on technological inputs both of material and non-material (information) for its contractual production and supply trading business. As a part of this, we are ready to promote the innovations Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) and obtaining the technical help from different other national & international development organizations viz CYMMYT. Sunlit Agro will be dedicated to the R & D functions and business intelligence relating to maize production, processing and marketing to realize competitive advantage both in local and global markets. Acquisition of recent innovations and on-farm research trials will increase our farmers’ production output up to 50 % over the existing yields of any other competing traditional agro-enterprises.

Sunlit Agro intends to invest a substantial amount in its business intelligence division to forecast commodity-wise demand-supply situations and necessary price sensitivity so as to fetch market advantage as well as to take safety guards to protect its capital.

Its business intelligence team will also remain engaged in exploring lucrative niche products Vs market functionaries, upcoming potential threats, policy constraints and facilities, ways of raising entry barriers, easing exit barriers etc for long-term sustainability of the company.