About Us

The Company has grown fast but steadily since its inception and has gained a reputation amongst its client for the excellent service at economical rates. The excellent service standards set up by the Company is supported with a network of Associates coupled by a team of experience and well trained staff, who understand the specific need of our clients. The well established operational procedure and systems supported with the latest technology helps each and every member of the MSPL team to provide quick service. MSPL has strategic tie-ups with global Land freight, sea freight, logistic support etc and now offers its services to over 220 International port door to door delivery. The experience and expertise of these Associates who specialize in their respective countries or regions enables to provide best services to its clients.

We have started our business in 1985 as Clearing & Forwarding in Bangladesh. Day by day we expanded our business in International Trading Company , Customs clearing & Forwarding agent , Freight forwarding & Transportation .




Our Mission

MSPL Clearing has targeted to satisfy Importers and Exporters through best possible services with utmost care. To enhance profit level of Importers and Exporters through commitment and dedication is our prime motto. Entrepreneurs in Import, Export business or all enterprises in this territory would also get a proper & Smooth service, information from us regarding legal and appropriate procedures of Clearing and Forwarding cargo. We are always at your service to make you easier and Secured.

Our Vision

Since its inception in 1985, MSpl Clearing has been a Bangladesh Govt. certified and license holder of customs Clearing and Forwarding (C&F) Agent. This has authorized us to truly contribute in Tax collection of Bangladesh Govt. through our skill, sincerity and dedication towards service. Our vision is to enhance best services and support to all local, foreign Importers, Exporters and entrepreneurs.

Our Team
All our offices across the country are staffed by highly dedicated, strongly committed and well trained professionals to ensure the best possible attention to ops & customer service in our premises.